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Weekly Roundup: New Year’s Edition

December 31, 2006

School: Only out for a few more days. No progress on Path but I figure I’ll be studying for boards for months, I can stand to give my mind a real study break now. I did handle some UAAO and MS4C business though, plus in the last few days left I might finish my portfolio in time for the portfolio seminar this Thurs.

Christmas was spent with friends, though the night didn’t end well, so we are down a friend. Makes hanging out with that group difficult, thus the up-in-the-air plans for New Years. Finally got a chance to call Jon & Diana, and Katie & Peacock actually called me. Wish we could all spend New Year’s together!

Family: Spent Wed thru Sat with Dad, so go a chance to catch up and exchange gifts. I was very fortunate this year and not only got some very nice gifts (hence the case of wine, my weight in grocefries, and the PDA search!) but also got to see most of the Illinois relatives with Josh.

Home: Being away makes me value home even more. I missed the puppies and my own bed. The dogs had kinda trashed the place (don’t worry, we had someone come by twice a day to check on them) but it was easy enough to clean. While I was at it last night, I also put away the Christmas decorations. I’m not one to keep them up very long.

Marriage: Josh actually came with me to Illinois, which was a surprise. He has made the holidays quite lovely this year.

Finances: Josh got a new job (yay!) over at Ruby Tuesday’s. He starts Tues and is quite anxious to do so. I have implemented the “master plan” and am currently reshuffling things to get a nice advance by next week. In celebration we are ordering chinese.

Spirit: Despite a couple setbacks, the holiday spirit is still kickin’ and I am rarin’ to go for the New Year. I wish I had an organization to go to like Hope’s Kitchen or something this week, b/c I am definitely in the bored & giving mood, but since I don’t, I’ve been very grateful to recieve my first ever request for medical advice…and its for my favorite- tic doloreaux! Keep an eye out for my upcoming report.

Health: Ummm…I feel great if that counts for anything. My diet is kinda non-existent. Its been hard with no gym to go to and since being at Dad’s with all the pringles, cheetos, cashews, chinese food, pancakes…I could go on. But no biggie, I’ll be back on the wagon next year. Big bummer though: I found out my scale was wrong, AH! It had me at 5 pounds less than I am. I still lost the weight last week, but I gained it back with this week with the junk food. So with the New Year I’m starting back over with a new & correct scale:
Starting weight- 148
Goal Weight- 125

Personal Growth: Done with Titan. I hadn’t planned on doing 2 sci-fi books in a row but A Matter for Men has really sucked me in. Who knew a book about killing giant purple space worms could be so poignant? I did find lots of interesting articles but I think I’ll finish up with:
My 2007 Resolutions

1) Live a much healthier lifestyle- better food, work out most every day
2) Make sure Roxy gets walked most days
3) Make a Boards Study Schedule, don’t get behind too far
4) Be more proactive in keeping in touch with friends & family
5) Rethink the Budget, stay thrifty

Review of My 2006 Resolutions

1) Don’t procrastinate, focus on school…SORTA…I definitely tried, but it took me like 10 months to figure out how to do it
2) Work out more, eat better…SORTA…did it the first 2 months and the last 2 months, hehe
3) Focus on myself & my happiness…BIG YES
4) Make more friends, be more confident…BIG YES

No too shabby 🙂

Personal Note: 2 dog walks vs lots o’ junk & Chinese food

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