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Gutentag from Millstadt

December 29, 2006

I’m in the STL right now. Well STL general area that is. I thought I could wait until I got back to catch up but I apparently I’ve raised concerns lately so let me give you a quick update…

1) I found my cellphone! It was under the passenger seat in my car, totally dead. And its all Diana’s fault! Haha. No not really, but her call was the last message on the phone, so I blame her. But she’s used to me blaming her for things. So is Katie. I remember blaming Katie for Neurology all the time. Just it being a topic I had to learn. All her fault. Ack tangential! Lets make this circumstantial again…btw sorry bout the neuro jargon…SO…point of the story is I have the cellphone, no worries, its safe to call me again.

2) I am feeling much better. Christmas was awesome. Dec 26th sucked. The 27th was better…got to STL, visited with family, presents! Significant upswing on the 28th…more family, breakthroughs with finances, and PDA shopping. I’ll be back on Sat. No New Years plans yet. More details eventually but there ya go.

3) Ack, if you have anything to contribute to the PDA vs PocketPC debate, please HELP! I could use some feedback. I’m thinking this palm or this pocket PC. I think I like the pocket pc better but I don’t feel comfortable buying something I haven’t gotten a chance to fiddle around with, and I’ve only had the chance to check out pda’s firsthand. Opinions?

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  1. December 31, 2006 3:54 am

    I like the iPaq. The integrated wifi and bluetooth are nice features. You could always go up one more level and get one with a phone in it. Then we can nerd around together on Thursday afternoons.

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