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Weekly Roundup- Christmas Edition!

December 25, 2006

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I have a Christmas card JUST FOR YOU!

School: Still out yay! Thought I’d take Dr. Evans’ advice and finally read the first 10 chapters of Pathology. I’m about 15 pages in, only 485 to go!

Big downer on the social life this week, but at least I heard from Diana and Katie. Eoin was also nice enough to invite us out for the holidays. Christmas Eve we watched the whole first season of Tripping the Rift and had french bread pizzas. We’re going back out there tonight.

Family: Heard from cousin James for the first time since he moved down to Louisiana. Let Dad know I wouldn’t be by until after Christmas.

Well it looks kinda funny right now b/c I installed the old Nintendo and Sega systems, then made a fort. I was determined to have a Christmas as close to my childhood as possible and there is no better way to do that then playing video games all day under a fort made of the sofa, loveseat, and a Star Wars blanket. The tree is short but beautiful. The dogs are happy with their gifts but a bit possessive.

Marriage: Nothing says bonding like Sega’s Primal Rage.

Still not good but I’m taking a break from thinking about it. Now I have developed a master plan to be implented with any luck on Tuesday.

Spirit: Uh hello? I am rich with the holiday spirit sucka! And after 12 years, I can still beat Sonic 2 in a day. Then as a gift to myself, I did all the beauty things I’ve been putting off. Deep conditioned hair, pedicure, moisturized, uh…etc 😉

Health: The diet is still a little carb/sweet rich with the holidays. It didn’t help that I baked a cake, but I have tried to balance it out with plenty of protein & salad and then working out everyday. Its definitely worked– I lost at least 3 pounds. Its hard to tell b/c my scale isn’t the most accurate. It used to hover at 144-146 pounds, but after breakfast today, I was hovering at 140-142.

Personal Growth: Almost done w/ Titan. Don’t have the next one in mind to read yet. Perhaps I’ll just redouble my Path efforts instead. LOTS caught my eye this week-

*Countdown the 50 Greatest Cartoons Ever–p.s. My fave is #4 and #21 is racism at its finest
*Jack Black- You’re awesome! But why all the shitty movies?
*Unlikely friendship between hippo & tortoise
*52 reasons to travel to Borneo before its demolished
*How I say no to all those debt-consolidators and MO patrol fundraisers
*Why World of Warcraft is bad- “How do you kill someone who has no life?”
*Jesus the komodo dragon
*Uh, I could say its retro Saturday night but there is no reason…just think this song is bitchin
*I fall over laughing every time I see this, it never gets old
*Shaun of the Dead fans get excited!
*I heart Bob Saget (Warning: extreme potty mouth)
*Why I say “Ow my nose!” when I screw things up
*I made $2200, I’m a millionaire!

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