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Med Student News

December 25, 2006

*Smart kids like broccoli- I know I do!
British researchers have found that children’s IQ predicts their likelihood of becoming vegetarians as young adults — lowering their risk for cardiovascular disease in the process. The finding could explain the link between smarts and better health

*The Good Mood Diet: Feel Great While You Lose Weight
The eating plan, detailed in the book is a kinder, gentler approach to taking care of yourself. No more self-abuse through deprivation. Follow the list and you start to eat to feel good from the first day. Don’t worry. The weight loss will take care of itself.

*THE LIST of Surprising Feel-Great Foods
Check out this slideshow! Includes-Popcorn, coffee, milk, eggs, hot cocoa, nuts, & chocolate!

*Top 10 Health Reasons to Nix Stress
Less pain, less disease, better sleep & better mood!

*I’m not fat, I have the wrong gut bacteria
Obese humans and mice had a lower percentage of a family of bacteria called Bacteroidetes and more of a type of bacteria called Firmicutes. The researchers aren’t sure if more Firmicutes makes you fat or if people who are obese grow more of that type of bacteria. But growing evidence of this link gives scientists a potentially new and still distant way of fighting obesity: Change the bacteria in the intestines and stomach.

*7 Tricks to heal faster
Antiperspirant for razor nicks, sex FOR a headache!

*25 things you can do take off 10 years or more
Fast once a week, stay fit, get a pet, take supplements, & be nice!

*Why its so hard to lose that last 5 pounds…okay 20
When you gain weight, the longer you keep it on, the harder it can be to lose. That’s because the body seems hardwired to favor fat gain. Once a certain fat level has been maintained for a period of time (no one knows just how long), the body perceives that to be normal and fights to maintain it.To lose this weight or maintain weight loss, research shows that most people need to do at least 60 to 90 minutes of moderate exercise nearly every day. Yes, it sounds like a lot, but, again, you can get it in chunks.

*The facts about stress
Stressful jobs may not be causing your hypertension. Exercise may not be helping your stress levels, but you can. You are creating your stress SO you can control it, and you should b/c its killing your immune system.

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