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Its official, God hates us

December 24, 2006

Uh, can you see the trend thats been going on around here? I think today has been the height of the worst week ever.

I wake up feeling absolutely run over. I soon realize I can barely talk and it becomes apparent why when I spend the next 15 minutes over the kitchen sink hacking up thick yellow phlegm. Mmmm, I know. I then precede to the bathroom where it, you know, starts out fine but come towards the, uh, end, I feel searing, burning pain. Not another damn UTI.

I thought things were on the upswing when I found the missing couple of wedding pics, only to realize I have totally lost my cellphone. No clue where it is. If its at the #1 suspected spot, namely the gym, then it is locked in there until after New Year’s. If it is anywhere else, the battery is probably run down by now and who ever finds it won’t be able to find out who it belongs to.

I opened up the mailbox today, hoping the gift I ordered for Josh would be in. Nope. Instead? ALL BILLS.

Desperately needed to see someone today but she won’t be coming back until Tuesday. Figured she’d be in b/c she obviously sent something out from the office today, maybe just came in for half an hour to do it.

We were both feeling really bored and depressed about finances so to take our minds off it for a minute, we rented Invincible. Went to go watch it and our PS2 wouldn’t play it. Plays all our other DVDs but won’t even recognize this one. I go to take it back and all they do is buff it. I ask what do I do if it still doesn’t work and they say to come back again. When it doesn’t work again, I’m not in the mood to drive there and back in the cold for a third time.

On the bright side:

It was an alright movie. After awhile I downloaded a free DVD player and we watch it huddled around the computer.

At least the UTI seemed to quickly subside b/c if it didn’t, of course I would get this at the beginning of the 3day weekend, when I can’t call in for the Rx. Still spent most of the day afraid to pee.

uh…let’s see…oh! I made a nice red velvet Christmas cake w/ homemade whipped cream topping, and redecorated the tree (the dogs knocked it over last week and I just left it.)

Sorry to be such a downer so close to Christmas. I promise only posts with holiday cheer shall follow.

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