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An open letter to Gwen Stefani

December 22, 2006

images.jpg vs. images2.jpg

You used to be a ska princess! AND you had mass appeal. You were one of those rare people who found a way to keep their indie cred and go platinum. Now… WTF?!?! I understand you wanted to work with various artists, expand your music, even step out as a solo artist, but SERIOUSLY Gwen. Seriously. You have jumped the shark with this one. I don’t care if you are still a platinum artist, so are the Pussycat Dolls. Your main audience are TRL-watching teenyboppers who never owned Tragic Kingdom (which btw, was the 2nd CD I ever bought) and they probably like the new Jewel and Liz Phair albums too. You didn’t used to have to rely on shaking your ass in videos. Hell, you used to actually sing! You have a great voice….why all the rapping?!

You at your best:
Don’t Speak
Sunday Morning

Very different but I’m still with ya on it:
Hey Baby
What You Waitin’ For?

What happened here?
Hollaback Girl
Wind it Up

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