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Well….poop on a stick

December 22, 2006

I planned 2 surprises, neither panned out.

Burned my eyelid making the pork tenderloin sandwich.

2 bad dreams last night:
1) I got switched to Arizona instead of Colorado. When I got there, there was no decent housing, and I missed the first shift. When I showed up for the next shift, I didn’t know it was 24 hours long!
2) I screwed up my rotations so bad they sent me to work in the cafeteria. At least this time I was in Colorado.
I don’t actually think I’m going to screw up rotations, but I guess I am nervous about first impressions and making this a new start. Also, I was mentioning this to a friend earlier, how I would much rather be in Colorado, when I got an e-mail from a friend who says she’s wearing a tanktop in Arizona right now, and then read in the news Denver’s airport is closed b/c of a nasty blizzard. Great.

Woke up to Roxy scratching my face.

Realized I lost a couple wedding pics.

Someone is not talking to me.

I could not fix Eoin’s knee.

My laptop randomly shifts the cursor so that I can’t write for more than a minute without the sentence suddenly continuing in the middle of another sentence 3 paragraphs up.

I was so bored I cleaned the bathroom.
I even scrubbed the tub.

On the bright side:

The tenderloin sandwich was good.

Because my reflex to close my eyes when hot oil is coming at them is in tact, I didn’t burn my eyeball.

I suppose there is the whole “I still have my health, friends & family who love me, and a roof over my head” thing.

I’m gonna go take a bath in my shiny tub.

Josh and I watched Fearless with Jet Li. It was pretty sweet. Then we played Uno and Magic.

Other bad news in the ville:

Seven die by carbon monoxide (…at the house we almost rented)
Fire at the laundromat I used to work at
The laundromat one block away from us burned down

Personal Note: 45 circuit training vs tenderloin sandwich

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  1. Jonathan permalink
    December 26, 2006 6:10 am

    if you got moved to AZ, my house is your house :~). Not to worry….

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