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All the happy years? What a waste! You’ll never learn a thing fastforwarding through the misery.

December 21, 2006

~Steve Carrell’s character in Little Miss Sunshine

In better spirits today. No homicidal tendencies, suicide ideations or command hallucinations, so no need to worry.

I think it helps to fill in the squares where I can. Btw, sorry about the hippie square talk. I swear I’ll only do it on breaks, and I won’t specifically designate everything I do. I keep swearing I’m a Type B personality but you wouldn’t be able to tell by any of this, would ya? Plus its not like I think happiness is an equation, but I just like variety, where I get to do a bunch of different things in a day. Probably why I’m not going to sub-specialize in something like nephrology. I also like knowing that I’m taking care of myself.

Anyhoo, got the christmas cards sent out with the much belated pics in them. Worked out again today. Called the fam. Cleaned up. Got some moola for an early Christmas present. Figured out how to stretch $5 into 2 meals from Sonic. Had a free rental so watched Little Miss Sunshine. Now I think I’ll study some Pathology and then take a bath. I think that covers most everything. Again, in case I haven’t mentioned, I swore not to have a blog that is a boring laundry list of everything I do, but I made an exception here to illustrate the variery. I didn’t say it had to be particularly exciting stuff, just different.

If I really wanted to bore you, I’d go into the theories I came up with as to the best way to spend $5 on junk food. Maybe another time perhaps….

So I’m really glad I’m not depressed anymore b/c I picked a really terrible movie to watch tonight if that were the case. I thought Little Miss Sunshine was a comedy, but its more of an ironic comedy, like…look how screwed up these people are, isn’t it so pathetic its funny? Not really. I only laughed at one part of the movie, and here it is….

…hope it saves you some time & money.

Oh, and I am definitely never letting my kids do beauty pageants.

: So later, instead of studying Pathology, I went back to Movie Gallery. With all the credits I had, I ended up with 3 movies rented for $3, woot! One of them was Lady in the Water, and OK, I know Lady in the Water got dumped on, but I kinda liked it. Well liked it better than Little Miss Sunshine anyway. Just realize its supposed to be a sweet bed time story you might tell your kids, not a horror flick with a big twist ending, k? While I watched it, I finally finished my wedding album. Finally.

Personal Note: 50 min circuit training vs Sonic cheeseburger & onion rings

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