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Sunday Night Roundup

December 17, 2006

Diagram to come….and I swear this’ll get shorter every week…

School: We’re done for 2 weeks YAY! Completed Neuro and its been my first class to get an A in besides DO or OTM. An A! …in NEURO! Goldman was an amazing teacher and its really piqued my interest in the Psych field, I hope I can do a rotation with him, if only for his magic tricks. Seriously, what med school professor does magic tricks?!

I’m very happy to get a real pick up in my social life this week. I must have studied at least 3 nights with Katie & Peacock. We even went out to Pancake City together and then had a sort of yappy hour at Peacock’s. Later we went to Ruby Tuesday’s, more on that further down.

I finally got back to the Maine side about my happenings. Invited the whole family to check out my site. Still need to decide when I want to head to Illinois.

Uh, this week it was a bit of a shithole b/c I was a little occupied with midterms and my new obsession with working out & guitar hero, but Josh did dishes yesterday which I greatly appreciated. I started on laundry today. Roxy has been getting out lately so I’ve been kinda disappointed that I can’t just throw the dogs in the backyard all day in this surprisingly nice weather. We need to see if our landlord will pay for us to reenforce the fence so she can’t dig out anymore.

Marriage: This really should be called “Quality time with the hubby.” Don’t think he wants me airing our sex life or if we’re having a big fight or something. So ya, having said that, things are really good. We have spent a great deal of time playing Guitar Hero together and I have greatly appreciated his help with dinner & the dishes this week. I helped him with his resume, though he didn’t need much help, and I’m folding his clothes right now. We even did Hope’s Kitchen together, more details below.

Eh….moving on. Just kidding. We’re hanging in there. We’re making the deer Josh processed last and have been very conservative of the food, except for Ramen. Its 10 cents per package, pig out! I’ve been enjoying alot of the free lunch meetings at school and got a free meal from Ruby Tuesday’s Friday night. There was a piece of an ice cream scoop in Neil’s potatoes and they comp’ed the whole meal plus dessert. If I’d known that was gonna happen, I would have ordered more than the salad bar and water, but at least I got cake out of it. It was amazing! I also got our credit balance transferred to a 0% APR and they gave us a payment holiday. Pretty sweet. And of course we have recieved some great early Christmas gifts, some monetary….I can’t complain.

Spirit: This could also be considered contribution, leadership, just feeling like I am making a difference, and doing God’s work or having some kind of otherwise unclassified spiritual experience. Peacock & I put together an MS4C meeting in 36 hours. It was over the movie “The Abortion Diaries”, which Peacock led a great discussion of, and I found a way to feed 50 people Chinese for lunch for under $150. It was crazy! I worked at Hope’s Kitchen on Saturday with Josh, Neil & Peacock. We made baked ziti and salad, then help packaged them to be delivered by Meals on Wheels.

Health: My diet has been crazy with all the free cookies, homemade mac & cheese, etc as a result of the holidays and studying with Peacock. However, I did take a major leap with working out. I started working with a trainer (Sandra!) and its gotten me motivated to work out almost everyday this week. Hasn’t really translated to weight loss, but during the holidays, no weight gain is a pretty big achievement.

Personal Growth:
Read Illusions. Started Titan and about to start reviewing the Pathology text to get going with boards. Lots of interesting finds this week-

Unfair: Kid expelled for turning in pellet gun to principal
Very fair: Kirksville Mayor finally indicted for arson after her 2nd business burns down
Scary:The balance in the Senate is teetering on the health of one man
Shocking:Ethiopian Zoo poisoned rare endangered Abyssinian lion cubs
Music: Speeding Cars by Imogen Heap
Ridiculously stupid: The Pants Whisperer
Health: Stop doing crunches, switch to full sit-ups
I’m easily amused:

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