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Live never to be ashamed if anything you do or say is published around the world- even if what is published is not true

December 17, 2006

~Illusions by Richard Bach

I am such a slug about keeping in touch with people. I think I just wasn’t brought up to call people when there wasn’t anything to say, especially with family. Mom took care of keeping everybody up on all the news. Even e-mails are hard for me. I think its also because I crave actual contact with people. I do much better with that kind of interaction. Then it is very free-flowing and I can use my whole body to reenact a story. I can see their reactions and if they are even paying attention. With a phone call, I can’t just sit there with them and enjoy their company w/o having to say anything. With e-mails, I tend to scrutinize as to whether that phrase came out right, or dammit I can’t spell, or wow this is getting too long. I’m sorry to all those who are probably getting more ticked at me but I’m trying to make ammends by letting you get to know who I really am on a deeper level by inviting you to view this site. I know I am a terrible initiator, but I always will let you know if I have actual news other than…….still in med school….everybody’s fine….the dogs are ridiculous as usual. Until then, assume this is the case. BUT I promise that if you comment on here or send me an e-mail, I will always respond within the week. UNLESS the whole body of the e-mail is “Michelle you need to write me.” I have a touch of obstinant-defiant disorder so I don’t respond well to that. I’m not offended or mad, I just am not exactly motivated to quickly respond when I have other people who wrote me whole e-mails to attend to. Except Grammie. Grandparents always get bumped to the top of the list.

With that, I hope this helps and sorry if this website is offensive to any of you in some way but its who I am…I’m just being honest.

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