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“The most mature self defense is humor”

December 13, 2006

-Prof Goldman. Why I go to his lectures…other than for the magic tricks.

G: “Feel free to ask silly questions. I have plenty of silly answers.”

G:[talking about Asberger’s syndrome]
Jon: “Did I miss anything magical?”
Me: “Josh might be an ass burger.”

G: “Hotdogs would wind him up like a wind up car!”
Katie: “Did he say wind up like a naked clock?”

Katie: [asks me some serious question while we sip cocoa in G’s class]
Me: “I just burned my tongue.”

Sidenote: Yes, I quote Steve Carrell everyday. EVERYday.

G: [describes Freud Stuctural model, and my daily struggle with The Cookie]
The Id: Feed Me.
The Ego: You know, I am hungry. It is that time of day when I usually eat. I think that Gril Scout cookie would be a great appetizer.
The Superego: Okay guys. You both know better than this. Dinner is in about 30 minutes. Mom will be really upset, and Dad will back her up.
The Id and the Ego: Two out of three, we are a democracy, so we prevail.
…the cookie is consumed.

Jimmy’s Mom: How could you eat before dinner?!
Jimmy: I didn’t do it.

Personal Note: crosstrainer 30min vs sugar cereal, 2 cookies, fritos, 4 yogurt pretzels

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