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Hobo Law #42: When in doubt, act like a dork! Apparently its very disarming

December 13, 2006

If you’ve never checked out Fluid Pudding, give it a go. Its hosted by 5 different blogging friends, but it was originally just Angela. Now she’s the Monday person and normally I don’t like “Mommy” blogs, but she doesn’t exactly….fit the stereotype. Here’s an exerpt:

Scene: Thanksgiving morning. MC [Angela’s 6 year old] and I [Angela] are having one of those precious moments in which we cook together. We are making an apple salad and pretending that it is for our fabulous new restaurant.

Me: So, who will come to our restaurant?

MC: Mombo and Baba. Spongebob. Daddy. Aunt Boogie.

Me: I hope they like apple salad!

MC: I know what we can call our restaurant!!!

Me: What should we call it?

MC: Fuck a Duck’s.

Me: Okay. But know that we shall never speak of it by name. At least not in front of The Others.

Its too bad I don’t have her old archives before she converted it to a group site. She made them into a book! From my memory…

MC: [3 years old, spoken through the baby monitor at 3am] *whispered* Mom! Moooooooooom! There’s something wrong…..there’s something wrong with my butt.

Personal Note: 10 min jog + 35 min on arms & legs vs fettucine alfredo, cookie dough

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